Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shooting for the Moon- Setting goals based on MBTI


My Strengths:
1. Not afraid to speak out
2. Seek to understand the interrelatedness of things beyond face value
3. Love to search for new possibilities and discoveries
4. Believe that not all the facts are true
5. Able to remain objective and calm without compromising others' feelings to some extent when making decisions
6. Usually love to consider both sides of arguments

My Weaknesses:
1. Usually will interrupt others when I am too enthusiastic to say something.
2. Talk before I think and ended up talking irrelevant things (sometimes)
3. Fantasise too much about the future without doing much about it
4. Insensitive the feelings of others
5. Do not really know how to deal with problems in friendships, conflicts with peoples
6. Do not stick to my schedule and plan but is adaptive and often procrastinate

Areas of Improvement

1. Self-Disciplined: I want to be more process-oriented and will not procrastinate. I will to stick rigidly to my plans to achieve whatever I want. I want to achieve whatever that is listed below.

2. Highly Organised: I want to have organised schedule and specific plan to follow to avoid procrastination. I want to develop a more structure thinking when I need it. I want to be more tidy and have a place for things

3. Stick to relevancy: I want to do something for a purpose and not be so easily distracted to hinder my plans.

4. Understanding: I want to spare a thought for others and be more aware of others' feelings

5. Awareness: I want to show concern for global issues and have an opinion of them

6. Attitude: I want to learn for its beauty and not for exams and go learning beyond exams.
How much you commit = how much you gain.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Service Learning

After knowing what are the places that we would be visiting in Cambodia, I was rather excited because these are places that I never would have the chance to visit. I really look forward to the trip as I am sure that I would learn alot more from this service learning trip.

Actually, I think it was very true that peoples who are always on the top never will try to understand people at the bottom. Yet after realising the situation in Cambodia just by looking at the picture, I learnt to develop compassion for these peoples. I do not really know how the world is shaped and I definitely cannot exactly understand how these peoples feel. But I would like to understand more and perhaps develop some awareness of this world.

But regarding poverty, I cannot imagine them suffering so much, having to worry about every single basic things that we take it for granted. And how matter how smart or hardworking they are, they will never get a chance to break out from the cycle of povery. Wheras, we can still achieve whatever we wanted. Perhaps the society is unfair because of unfair distribution of wealth, but I do not think we can just blame this world like that. After all, we can also make a difference to their lives.

As for my goals for the service learning, I hope to understand more about the world and how people are suffering on the other side of the world and to develop compassion for these peoples. I also want to think about how we can help them and organisation skills can also be learnt from the service learning. I hope to have a mind to undersand and a heart to show compassion. I really look forward to the trip to Cambodia. I know it would be an unforgetable experience and will often remind me of how much changes I can make for myself, or for the world.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dressing For Success

In my opinion, I think that our appearances is one of the important component that companies will look out for during a selection. That is because a good appearance will make us leave a good first impression and higher expectation will be laid on you, leading to people being more receptive to you and gaining more respect. Of course, appearances are not everything, but you have to look presentable enough or otherwise be looked upon.

Firstly, a first impression play a critical role in determining your overall performance. For example, people who dressed unkempt and filthily will be regarded as lazy, uncivilised and incapable and he may not be given the chance to perform anyway. No matter how talented he is, he will not regarded that superior as he was supposed to be. To have a good first impression, you have to dress properly and hence, a good appearance will give you the edge over others.

Secondly, looking presentable will give you a sense of superiority which will make you look even more confident, as compared to the otherwise. People are more likely to regard you, making you gain more respect from others. Physical appearances are a powerful tool in gaining more respect and therefore, are also as important as your capability.

However, if the society is to judge people by their physical appearances to a large percentage over their talents, which is also the reality in this world, then would it be fair? One point is that people have the freedom to choose what clothings they want to wear, and it would also be their own choice to give whatever impression they want to give. But the fact that society now goes to the extent of judging one's success through appearances will place even more restrictions to people, regarding their appearances.

Peoples then have to be forced to wear clothes that the society want them to wear, based on their social status and positions. In other words, ones's appearances will identify one's social status, which is being unfair to peoples, especially those in a low-ranking position, to be judged in that way. That is because one's social status do not prove much. What really matters is one's character and individuality. But because the society today is obsessed with positions and status, so that also become how peoples judge success, which is not necessarily right.

Based on these rationales, I therefore conclude that appearances will determine success to a large extent. So dress presentably first, before actually showing your abilities!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Vacation Hightlight

Vacation Hightlight?
Well, actually I did not do anything much. Apart from doing all those homework, I also had to practised the piano in preparation for my piano exam and I also try out some tycoon games although some are really not that fun. What I spent most of my time doing was shopping as it was really bored staying at home. There was not any CCA trainings for me surprisingly.

BUt, yes I did something meaningful apart from doing my homework...
I reflect about my secondary two's life and the year 2008. I wish I could remember my life, each and everyday but anyway, I learnt much from the reflection. Perhaps that's the meaning of a holiday? You just get to rest after so much. So I believe that holiday is such a golden opportunity for you to reflect, so that you will not repeat your mistakes again.

I learnt that you will remain what you are now if you do not change. But you will only change when you are forced by circumstances to change, until you can stand it no more. Ultimately, if you really want to improve yourself, it is all up to you.

I also learnt to accept the past and accept myself because the past is still the past and what we have got are the present and future. I should treasure the past as I can learn something from it.

Lastly, I realised that failures can make you more mature because you will realise what are the things that are deterring you from success and then learn from your experiences. Experiences, to me, are just like a bag of failures. You will actually grow and improve after each experience.

Well, time flies... It is just a few more days to the year 2009. I think we should live as if you will die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever. That way, we will really cherish our time.

Blaise Pascal:
In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don't.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Conceptions Of Success (Part 2)- My Father

Perhaps, my father was not considered as successful as he is just an ordinary, mediocre person in this world. Perhaps, the world would never knew him, but it is his past that is worth admiration from me. The hardships that he suffered and the process of growing stronger after endless setbacks inspired even more.

My father is 51 years old now and he had lived his childhood in Malaysia, Penang. To start with, my grandfather was a wealthy businessman who inherited his wealth from his father. Unfortunately, when my father was merely six, he turned bankrupt due to failures in his business and gambling. My grandfather then passed away few years later.

My father, the eldest son, had to support his 5 sisters and a brother. Because of this, he went to Singapore to work for a living. He was like my age at that time.

He only had completed his primary education and was not proficient in English. Hence, he had worked as a cleaner, salesman and actor. He took up a few jobs and had to send the money he had earned home. Though his jobs were tough, he persevered and occasionally, he would take up some English courses.

After some times, he set up his own business, selling clothes and earned heaps of money. But his business failed after a few years. But he did not give up.

Despite all odds, he later obtained a diploma in business administration to become a Singapore PR. He was later offered a job as a manager in a company where he spent two decades there and was later fired due to his commitments in setting his own business and in his family. He is extremely filial to his mother and takes great care of his sibling, even until now. He also cares much about us.

His small business, selling lens is later set up and he had hence achieved his dream and now working his way to expanding it. The rest of the journey will be tough, just like now where we are facing economic crisis.

But I am sure he will succeed one day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conceptions Of Success- Leonardo da Vinci (Part 1)

Generally, success does not always mean attaining great position, wealth or honour. It can also be as simple as living on to see the next day. Meaning to say, success is the achievement of an objective or a goal. A goal can be anything under the sun, which means that success can be anything too.

But to me, achieving a small goal like getting a record of zero demerit point does not really considered a success as it is no great feat. It would be considered as success if I achieved something that required a lot out of of me like courage, confident, strength, conviction and overcoming obstacles. In short, achieving a goal which is not as easy is success to me.

There are many peoples who are recognised as successful around the world. But one person whom I greatly admired is the greatest genius of all time. He is Leonardo da Vinci, born in the year, 1452, April 15. He was a
Florentine polymath, who was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, achitect, botanist, musician and writer.

From Wikipedia:

Leonardo greatly advanced the state of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics, and even outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics. His inventions included several complex systems which were centuries beyond the technological capabilities of the Renaissance.[nb 3] Examples include the helicopter, the tank, concentrated solar power, the calculator and the double hull. Some of his simpler inventions, such as an automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire, entered the world of manufacturing unheralded.[nb 4]

He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived,[2] Leonardo has often been described as the archetype of the "Renaissance man", a man whose seemingly infinite curiosity was equaled only by his powers of invention.[1]

Leonardo da vinci is an inspiration to me. I was inspired to learn the art of science and science of art. He taught me that being well-versed in all areas, being perfect was possible, which also means that anything can be possible. Once you have passion for something, set your mind on it and focus, you will achieve it.

Something to reflect about:

Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.
Leonardo Da Vinci, Notebooks (1452-1519)

Intellectual passion dries out sensuality.
Leonardo da Vinci

Supreme happiness will be the greatest cause of misery, and the perfection of wisdom, the occassion of folly.
Leonardo da Vinci, The notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci by Macurdy

Monday, October 27, 2008

Scholarship And Service

I have always wanted a scholarship to study in the best University which is in a foreign country. Despite disapproval from my worried parent and conversative relatives, I am still determined to go. Being so competitive in nature, I want the best education for myself, so that I would stand an advantage in the workforce and become an outstanding person who can contribute significantly to my nation. Overseas education was also quite a good idea as valuable experiences can be gained.

But What is a Scholarship?

According to the Wikipedia: A scholarship is an award of access to an institution, or a financial aid award for an individual student scholar, for the purpose of furthering their education. Scholarships are awarded based on a range of criteria which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarships may be classified into the following primary groups: Merit, Need, Sociology, Insititutional and General.

The meaning of a scholarship to me

Scholarship. Isn't it an award given to you upon recognition? But is there any deeper meaning behind it? Well, I am not going to take it for granted. Scholarships are given for a reason: because you had performed well. But it is not just that. They are given to you because trust are also in placed in you. They trusted you that you will contribute to society in a beneficial way.

To me, scholarship is like a bottle of mystery. But it is no ordinary bottle. He is a supportive friend, supporting me all the way behind my back. He is a bottle, containing trusts, appreciations and beliefs from many peoples which replenishes me with motivation, confidence and strength everyday, preparing me so adequately so that I can bring out the best within me.

Because of these trusts and beliefs that are still in placed in me, therefore I will achieve even greater things but I will never forget my friend, the scholarship and I will repay you by contributing to society as a means of expressing my gratitude of the the trusts and beliefs that people had for me.

Well, this is roughly what I think scholarship means to me.

Responsibility of a scholar

Everything will come with some responsibility. Well, the responsibility of a scholar is to study hard and to never let yourself down. Besides this, scholars must also be an law-abiding citizen and hopefully will voluntarily contribute and serve his/her own country in some ways. After all, the country had helped you into getting a scholarship to further your education.

Most importantly, a scholar must never forget the values like humility, integrity, respect, gratitude or responsibility. Having obtained a scholarship does not mean you are superior, but you are just merely given a golden opportunities to develop your potential and to pursue your ideal career without much worries. So, be humble and remember to repay the country and your parents for they are the ones who had nurture you into what you are today.

Obstacles that I think I might face as a scholar.

Well, studying in a local university does not poses much problem but it is studying overseas that caused many to worry about.

Adapting to another country is one problem. We have to respect their traditions and values and also to be familiar with the laws there. Of course, we need to know their languages so as to communicate with them and to let yourself be understood. It also means that we must break the habit of using Singlish in foreign countries!

What about homesickness? When we are so far away from our families and countries, we would occassionally feel sad and melancholic. But we also can communicate with our loved ones over the phone, through emails or instant messenges. And, homesickness can be turned into a motivation to study hard!

Being independent. I assumed that many people like me, really depends on our parent as we do not do houseworks or neither do we have to work for pocket money. We seemingly take everything for granted. But it would be different without them. We would have to look after ourselves and have our clothes, dishes washed and we even have to work part-time to get extra pocket money if we do not have enough money to buy things we needed. Hmm... maybe I should help my mother with the housework?

Coping with stress? We have to manage our homeworks, houseworks or part-time jobs, assignments, projects, exams and co-curriculum activities and competition. So, I should develop better time management now!

A Scholar, also a leader.

Is a scholar also a leader? Actually, I believe that everyone is a leader as we surely will have some influence over others or our peers, in a good or bad way. But being a scholar will put you into a position of having more opportunities to execute leaderships because scholars are highly educated and recognised. So they are wise and respected and will have greater influence over others.

Who and How do I intend to serve as a scholar?

I intend to help my country by donating a portion of my money to charity or serve as a voluntary helper for the needy people. Also, I wanted to contribute to my country by working hard in my job so as to further develop my country. I will also fulfil my responisbilites and role as a loyal citizen.